Corporate Social Responsibility

Vision / Mission / Values

Our Vision
We relentlessly pursue innovation and success, driven by the needs of our customers and delivered with the shared energy, ability and commitment of our people.

Our Mission
Dependable HomeTech provides our customers with a one stop solution for all their networked digital home/commercial technology needs while delivering unparalleled security for the information they value.

Our Values
We are spirited, pro-active people who excel as a team.
We believe in leadership that guides and inspires.
We have a shared focus on company growth.
We do everything it takes to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Above all, we act with Integrity, Social Responsibility and Respect.

Principles / Philosophy
Our success is based on the following basic principles:

1. Employees

  • Treat our employees with respect
  • Hire the right person to do the job
  • Train them to do their job effectively
  • Provide them with the necessary tools to get the job done right and efficiently
  • Make employees accountable and reward success

2. Customers

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Have a clear understanding of customer expectations
  • Deliver positive results the first time
  • Create systems to measure results
  • Compensate employees to deliver these expectations

3. Efficient systems

  • Develop systems and procedures that ensure that our employees do their jobs efficiently
  • Utilize technology to assist our employees

4. Business development

  • Become a single source provider of services to our customers
  • Seek out new opportunities to solve customer problems